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How the XeroVest protects you

Radar Reflectivity

XeroGear vests are made from radar reflective film — greatly enhancing a wearers detectibility at sea or in search-and-rescue operations.
Aerial search & rescue operations

The exterior surface of the vest is made of radar reflective materials which greatly increases the radar visibility of the vest, aiding in search and rescue efforts to locate a wearer who has become lost or injured. This feature is also useful by operators of small boats and kayaks as it permits positive radar detection of the wearer on the surface of large bodies of water from long distances.*

Radar visibility at sea

*Source: Radar, Reflectors and Sea Kayaks: A Visibility Study — College of the Atlantic, US Coast Guard

Key Features

Key features of the XeroVest
  • Two solid barriers of metalized nylon block out wind and rain


  • 50 trapped air pockets help keep heat in, cold out.


  • Your body core will stay warmer longer to prevent hypothermia


  • Compact and very lightweight: only 50g (2 oz.)


  • Highly radar reflective

Insulating air cells
Resealable closure
Heat reflective lining
Integrated collar
Inflation valve
Vent holes

Feature Comparison

Features & Benefits compared with similar products
* Vest versions for Class 2 safety/visibility applications
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